Contemporary Turkish

Our favourite dishes, clean and fresh flavours. Traditional Turkish dishes and Eastern Mediterranean inspired.

Turkish Breakfast
Turkish sausage (Sucuk) with fried eggs, feta, olives, tomatoes, cucumber (Greek Salad) half baguette and jam, tea

Home Made Turkish Kofte (Halal)
Beef Kofte on skewers with tomato, Turkish pepper and rice

Chicken Brochetta (Halal)
Chunks of chicken breast and roast peppers on skewers, with roast tomatoes. Served with rice.

Lahmacun and Ayran (Turkish ‘Pizza’ and Yoghurt)
Served with Turkish salad and accompaniments

Moussaka (Halal)
Meat or vegetable, served with salad, coleslaw and baguette.

Sandwiches / lighter meals

Hummus and Falafel (v), Hummus and roasted vegetable (v), Falafel and tzatziki (v).

Haloumi, grilled peppers, tomato and fresh rocket (v)
Sucuk (Turkish sausage). mozzarella, turkish pepper, tomato, home made vegetable spread.
Grilled aubergine, chunky red pepper, home made vegetable spread, mozarella, fresh rocket (v).


Hummus, feta, cous-cous, aubergine, tzatziki, mediterranean salad.

Cheese and Meat
Brie and blue cheese, Parma ham, Milano salami, mango chutney.

Eastern Promise (v)
Warm falafels, dolmas, chick pea salad, set yoghurt, hummus, mixed olives.